Retro Highway


Retro-style motorcycle races


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Retro Highway is a motorcycle racing game inspired by other genre classics like Hang On, but adapted to mobile devices. It successfully combines the accessibility of modern games with the challenge and charm of games from the 80s.

Controls in Retro Highway are simple, and work perfectly on touch screen devices. Touching either side of the screen will move your motorcycle in that direction. The right side of the screen also features a 'turbo' button, which you can use to really put the pedal to the metal for a few seconds.

The goal in each match of Retro Highway is to drive as far as possible while getting a new high score and collecting as much money as possible along the way. Plus, each time you play you'll receive a few missions, which reward you with more money and the possibility to unlock new levels.

Retro Highway is a spectacular retro-style racing game, which offers an exciting and fun experience. As you play, you can unlock a total of six different levels and more than a dozen motorcycles. Each level also features a few elements that make it completely unique from the others.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher